Sunday, April 27, 2014

Get Those Steps In

Since moving in to Chateau Rebecca 7 months ago we have been remodeling. First we did the kitchen and now we are doing the girls bathroom so my second home has been Lowes & Home Depot which I go to everyday if not twice plus every tile store within a 50 mile radius and HomeGoods. I like to call them my own personal trainer. Have you ever walked every isle in these stores ? No kidding you will bust a sweat in no time not to mention the lifting you have to do. In the last week that we have been doing the girls bathroom I have bought 8 different 30 inch vanities plus 31 inch granite tops. 8 you ask, well my youngest doesn't want a double vanity she wants her own and finding the right one has NOT been the easiest thing. The first set we got looked perfect at the store but after a day I wasn't feeling it. The same goes for the next 3 sets. Finally the fourth pair were the ONES but they only had 1 in stock I still got it. I will be picking up the other 1 next week. Did I mention these stores helped me load them in my truck but once I got home I had to unload them bring them in the house then repack them and load them back in the truck. I have carried enough tile, baseboards, chair rails and crown molding than any normal person should. Don't take this as complaining because this has been my only real exercise lately and not a day has gone by where I haven't reached at least 15,000 steps in a day and my arms have a little definition in them.

Photo: 2 visits to Home Depot and 1 to Lowes today more money spent than I want to admit but got some great steps in #mamavation HOLLA
THANK YOU Home Depot & Lowes
                                               Do you have any unconventional exercises that you do or would love to try ? 


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