Friday, March 21, 2014

Where Did The Time Go ....

The last time I said hello was almost 8 months ago. One day I was just sitting there and I came up with the bright idea that I wanted to move and move right then. The kids start school in August so I had less than 2 months to find a house that I loved the kind of house that when I walked in I was HOME. The house we lived in was perfect on the water less than 3 minutes from the beach but it never felt like HOME. I didn't have a big list or knew what I wanted really. I did want a large yard over an acre, great schools, safe neighborhood and I wasn't leaving Dade County. We called our realtor and went the following week to look at 5 houses he found. The first 2 were beautiful had everything that I wanted but I didn't feel HOME. Then came the third house it was not a house that I would even think about looking at but when we pulled up I felt HOME. The owners just put it on the market so they were living there. We walked around the house and it was perfect but the yard is what sealed the deal. It is 3 acres of HEAVEN literally while we were walking around the birds were singing, there were butterflies everywhere and bunnies real live bunnies hopping around. That was it we wanted that house we made an offer right then and had to get the house inspected. We had a deadline and everything had to be done quick. In less than a month we closed and had the keys to our new HOME. Everything was perfect ..... Except I didn't think that now I had to pack a 5800 square foot home and 13 years of memories call movers, painters, contractors, exterminators, roofers, landscapers, pool services, cable, lights, phone and all the other little things. I did it and by the end of August we officially moved in. The kids love their new school and have made great friends. Since moving in we have remodeled the kitchen and dining room.For over a month we had NO kitchen none and let me say you can only have so much take out.  We also replaced the roof on the main house and resurfaced the pool. I still have dust from the remodeling everywhere. Now we are going to be remodeling one of the kids bathrooms, replacing the roof on the garages, barn and getting new hurricane impact windows on the entire house. I will be updating all the progress and posting lots of before and after pictures.

Old House

Old Backyard


New Backyard

New Backyard

So tell me what new and fun stuff have you been up to lately ?


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