Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kitchen In Progress

When we first moved into the new house that I nicknamed  " Chateau Rebecca " and for now on will be called that the kitchen was small with NO counter space. Now it wasn't small small (14 x 14) but it was small enough that I wanted it bigger. On the other side of the kitchen was the dining room and I decided to knock down the adjoining wall , move the dining room and make a little office (6 1/2 x 14) for me.

Old kitchen & lighting

Old kitchen & flooring

I wanted new cabinets, counters, lighting , flooring and of course appliances ,except for the fridge because I just purchased it before we moved here. Me, being a General Contractor at least in my head decided I was going to oversee everything , HA HA HA. First I went and had a kitchen designed the way I wanted it with the measurements I had . I knew what color I wanted the cabinets and the island and I knew what style. Perfect that part was easy.

Drawing of the kitchen

 Now picking the counter tops was way harder. I had to go to the warehouse to actually look at the slabs, the first choice I wanted didn't look the same in person. After looking for hours I choose the slabs I wanted ( since I had a ball park of the square footage) and went with a granite. If you have ever gotten new counter tops you know that they can't be measured exactly until the actual cabinets are installed even if you have the measurements from the cabinets because they have to be precise and it takes at least 2 weeks to get them after. The contractor I hired to do the demolition warned me of the dust but geez I didn't expect it upstairs even in the attic. The guys knocked the wall down and since it was a load bearing wall they had to install a beam this took about 2 weeks. Then we had to stucco the ceiling and plaster my new wall. I say we because I'm paying them so " WE " had to.
Wall being torn down

 Once the new wall was in place and the room was ready we did a final measurement and of course the room was not the same size. I had to now call the cabinet people and have them come out to get correct measurements and we had to pick out more pieces which added an extra week to the already 6 week time frame for the cabinets to be made. I hired another company to do the flooring in our previous house we had natural stone so I was NOT getting that here. Wouldn't you know it I got Egyptian Stone, it was just so pretty in the showroom. The flooring guys did the floor in 2 weeks.
Old floor

The flooring being installed


New lighting

Once the floor was done the electrician had to rewire the kitchen and add some electric wiring to where the island was going because that's where the cooktop was going. He also did the new lighting. While waiting for the cabinets and granite I had the kitchen painted a yellow because that is a fun color. Did I mention all this time I had NO working kitchen, NONE you can only have so much takeout before you go crazy. Finally I got the phone call I was waiting for the cabinets were ready to be delivered and installed. The guys came and in 1 ONE day they did it. WOOHOO I had cabinets but wait no counters .... The granite company came the next day measured with some strange out of this world device and said they would put a rush on it. While waiting we installed the new fridge, double oven, microwave and dishwasher. Oh yeah I forgot we also had to have the plumbing and air conditioning in the kitchen moved around , who would have thunk it. The counter people came installed the granite but first they had to cut out the pieces for the cooktop and sink. Everything looked like it was coming together finally. They left and I now had a real kitchen, cabinets , counters, appliances and it was only (insert sarcasm) 2 months later. That would be a beautiful end but this is no fairytale. I noticed one of the cabinets couldn't open all the way because of the counter top and some ridges on the counter in spots so they had to come back out remove one of the counters cut it a bit and smooth them out. Some cabinets were scratched and I paid some good money so they came back out and they installer made notes and said a few doors would need replacing (11 doors) and had to be ordered which is another 2 weeks. When they came to install them the doors were the wrong style so another 2 weeks. He finally came back to install the right ones but wouldn't you know it again these were the right style but wrong colors. See we had the cabinets brown and the island black and they sent the opposite. So here I sit since November with a beautifully not completely finished kitchen. But hey they are coming next week to put the right doors in the right place.


Playing around where the island was going

New cabinets waiting to be installed


New cabinets with built ins


Granite installed


 Where is the finished kitchen you ask ??? That is the million dollar question. Once that beautiful piece of plywood gets removed my new window will be there then I will take and post that picture.

Do you have any disaster remodeling stories or are you in the process of remodeling I would love to hear ???

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