Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice
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So today is the first official day of Summer and we even get an extra hour of daylight. I guess no one told that to Mother Nature because it has been HOT, STICKY and HUMID the entire month. My plans to celebrate today will involve a watermelon, water balloons, the beach & pool, playing a little tennis and just having a great family day.

What are your plans for today ?


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  2. Hello, it looks like we've been placed together in a tribe by SITS girls…looking forward to getting to know you… Renee Come see me at

  3. Oh I could really use some summer sun today! HaHa oh well we are in this tribe together & I look forward to the summer posts again!

  4. Hey, I'm in your SITS Blogging Tribe. I've had a late start to this, but I wanted to drop by & say hello.. :)

  5. Hi. I am Regina and I am in your SITS Blogging Tribe. I am just dropping by to say hello. Your site is beautiful! Blessings.