Wednesday, May 29, 2013

#Mamavation Monday

Mamavation Mondays

So what if it's Wednesday it will always be Monday in my heart. While I was in Campaign 15 of Mamavation and if you didn't know already the BEST campaign ever I wore my pedometer everyday. Before I even rolled out of bed I grabbed it and hooked that sucker up to my bra. Once the campaign was over I forgot about the poor little guy and my legs did also. This week I am going to start using it again religiously because seeing those numbers made me either push myself to get over those 10,000 steps or super proud when I had passed it and it was only in the afternoon. 

I have also diagnosed my self with  "FullofSHITitis" you may have heard about this disease that is going around or you may have it or had it or know someone who does. What steps did you take to get over it or are you still dealing with it ??? Do TELL !!!! 

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  1. Good for you for being honest, most of us would just slink away. Maybe we need to have a contest once mine is done to keep each other on our game