Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Pregnant with me 
With my brother and me

 My Mommy ( Debbie ) is not just a great Mom but she is the Mother of all Mothers. As a little girl and to this day she has never once told me there wasn't something I couldn't do. She had me a month after turning 18 and had no idea what a "Mother" should do or be since she didn't have the best role model but she did it and beyond. Every year while growing up she would tell me the story about how she was making arroz con pollo ( rice and chicken ) and went into labor so she had to call a taxi and go on her own with her little voucher to the hospital to have me. She still calls me every year to tell me this story. You would think she was telling the story of Baby Jesus being born . She wasn't just a Mom but a Dad, Friend and my BIGGEST supporter. Anything I wanted to do or try she found a way for me to do it and was my biggest cheerleader. I always wore the coolest clothes that were in style even though she would buy hers at second hand stores. In the middle of the night she would wake me up and tell me not to sleep on my face because it causes wrinkles, ask me to get or light her cigarettes ( before everyone knew how bad they are for you) and tell me I would thank her later when I had nice thighs. She quit smoking on her own cold turkey after smoking for 35 years. She raised me and my 4 brothers and sisters mostly on her own and we came out pretty good. My Mommy is the Mom that all my friends wanted to hang out with or would call her for advice. I always knew that my Mom had my back. To this day she is the funniest, loudest, tell it like it is in a good way lady. When I didn't think she could get any better she became a Gramma and is just as GREAT if not GREATER. I only hope that she knows just how GREAT she is and how much she is loved and cherished. In my eyes my Mommy walks on water and preforms miracles everyday.If I can be 1/4 of the MOM she is my kids will be lucky. 

 To all the Mothers out there I wish you a Happy Mothers Day not just today but everyday.


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