Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 1st Already

Where did the time go. We are already in March , it feels like it was just yesterday that I was shopping for my Christmas tree. This month I am challenging myself to do MORE. I will workout more, eat healthier more, drink more water, smile more, hug more, love more, call family more and appreciate all the little things more. Every morning I will wake up and thank the Sun for rising to greet me. At night I will thank the moon for the same. The little things we take for granted like flipping a switch and we have water. Turning on a faucet and out comes water. When it is cold turning on heat when it is hot turning up the air. I will be thankful for the wonderful Mother I was blessed to be born to who loves me and raised me on her own. Brothers and Sisters who are half as crazy as me which makes for a great fun family. Friends in real life and online who I am so glad to have met. Last but not least my 5 beautiful, smart, caring, loving kids who are the reason I breathe everyday. This month I will be MORE Thankful.

What will you be MORE THANKFUL for ???


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