Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Have Never YELLED at My Kids !!!!

If you believe that I would love to sell you some land in the Everglades. So the other day I saw a posting from The Bizy Mommy on Facebook about the 30 Days to Less Yelling Project and thought I would take a look at it.

I mean I think every Mom has yelled at their kids one time or another and if not she is probably sitting in the corner with a box of wine and some kind of illegal substance in her. Don't get offended or think I am talking about you this is my opinion and we know what everyone says about them. I personally know one woman who never raised her voice to her kids or to anyone and I have tried to nominate her for Sainthood many times. Does that make it right, of course not but it is my truth at least. I was only 17 & 19 when I had my first 2 kids so I can say I never yelled at them probably because I was still a kid. By the time I turned 30 I had 3 more kids and lets just say my new language has been one of a higher tone. I catch myself yelling not just when they do something they shouldn't like fighting with each other or being mean to each other but just to say I LOVE YOU or GOOD MORNING. You catch my drift I am loud. That brings me to this challenge and if you know me I love a good challenge. I know that yelling is not right, I know that it changes a kids personality. I also know that admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery and I am admitting it so that is a good beginning. The challenge starts on February 22nd and it lasts for 30 days. Every morning you will get an email with a reminder and inspirational quote. They also have a Facebook page to check out and see what others are talking about. I am going to take this challenge serious and hope bu the time the 30 days are up I am YELL FREE.

Again this is my opinion and if you don't agree with them .... Well really I could care less but those of you that do agree please feel free to leave a comment. I may answer you if I can stop sipping from my box wine for a while. 


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