Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BREAKING NEWS : #Mamavation Mom Final 3

STOP the presses last night was the  Mamavation twitter party launch for Campaign 15. It has been like the Playoffs over here. From a large group of hundreds it was narrowed down to 6 of the GREATEST LADIES I have ever had the privilege to have met. We were HAZED which is when we were tweeted an exercise to do at all times of the day. Burpees, Planks, Feet of Fire, Crunches, Jump Squats and the one that is giving me the most problems a regular old push up. Last night was the Super Bowl of Mamavation because it is when the final 2 ladies were to be chosen. I gotta say we were all AMAZING so I know it must have been hard for the judges. It was so hard they picked 3 Moms this time. Now The Boot Camp starts which is  a 7 week virtual boot camp for healthy living. We get a professional dietitian and trainer plus all the support a girl could ask for from the Mamavation community.So really I have no excuse to do it and be the BEST me I can be. OHHHH I LOVE a challenge and a good clean competition so it is on. What are you waiting for go over to mamavation.com and pledge to be a Sista and let's all be the healthy Role Models our kids deserve and we deserve. 


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