Friday, December 21, 2012

OH Christmas Tree OH Christmas Tree

Tree in Living Room
The decorations have been up for a while now. My poor Christmas tree needs CPR . It has been up since Thanksgiving and has been used as a playground by my new puppy. She finds the water great to drink and underneath it a great hiding place from my bigger dogs (3) which of course they follow her and in the process half the ornaments have broken. Oh yeah she finds Christmas lights also fun so she ate through some. The kids tree has been saved from her maybe because that one is fake. Outside hasn't been any better. Where we live there are wonderful  possums & raccoon's that : A. find lights fun to chew on , B. like the taste of poinsettias. So I have decided that this year after Christmas I am hitting all the stores up and getting a whole lot of decorations for next year and retiring most of the ones I have.  
Kids Tree in Game Room

Only Snowman we will have 
Santa Snow globe
Reindeer & Mini trees in Planters


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