Sunday, December 30, 2012

My New Years Traditions

New York Times Square

I like to bring a little from all over the world to my New Years Eve traditional party that I have every year. I buy fireworks, party hats, streamers, noise makers, sparkling apple juice, Sidra ( Spanish Apple Cider ), red & green grapes, every appetizer possible & a giant cookie clock. We have music on all night & watch Dick Clark in New York and at 12 watch the Apple drop. Since my kids were little we have done this sometimes they fall asleep before 12 but I always wake them up to get a kiss and do the countdown. A little before 12 I pass out glasses with 12 grapes and we eat them at every strike of the clock, we also sing Auld Lang Syne at least the first few lines. Then we give each other a kiss and call all the family not with us. I also throw a bucket of water out of the house. I like to have the house as clean as possible & a wallet or purse full of money. The next day I make white rice, black eyed peas, collard greens & ham . As you can tell I have a smorgasbord of traditions so all my bases are covered. What traditions do you have ? 


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