Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to My BABY

1st Photo 8 lbs 5 oz
My baby Christina Faith was born 9 years ago today at 2:15 pm. She was induced  because her due date was on the 25th & I wanted her to be the STAR of the day. The 19th was perfect because I would have enough time to come home with her and wrap presents, cook & bake for a GREAT CHRISTMAS. She has been a blessing everyday since. Christina is the baby of the family which she doesn't like because she says she missed all the things we did before her. She loves everything sports, dancing, music, singing,baking and especially her family & dogs. Christina is a mini version of myself and I can only imagine what the future holds for her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite girl , Mommy LOVES you. 
Supermodel in training
My little athlete

Hugging her 1st dog King
already helping clean 
My Little Supermodel

Christina with her baby Bella
Growing Up to quick


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