Friday, December 21, 2012

Giving is so much better

We have had an extra dining room set with 6 chairs & a china cabinet for about 9 months that I wanted to give to a family that needed it. I didn't want to donate it and have it sold for profit. I have asked around at churches, friends, schools & City Hall and always got " Don't know anyone but I can take it". That wasn't cutting it. Finally I found someone who is struggling and just bought her first house. She was telling me how long she had to save for & just got beds for her kids. BINGO I asked her if she had or needed a dining room set. Before I finished she had tears in her eyes and came over 3 hours later in a truck to get it. That was my Christmas Gift to myself her expression and knowing that her family will now have a table to eat dinner at and do other things families take for granted. 


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