Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Truth SUCKS sometimes

We live less than 1 mile from the beach so on Sunday we ( Mom, Sisters, Brother, Brother in law, Nephew, 4 of my kids ) walked there. I had on my "Fat Girl" beach outfit tank top & shorts. Once we got there the kids ran in the water and I decided to drag my brother in the water. Well lets just say I got overpowered and ended up in the water. I got the worst burning sensation ever on my inner thighs. I am TUFF so I didn't let it bother me. We all walked back home and of course we were all still wet. Later on that night my legs still hurt. In the morning the pain was worse. It wasn't from a good walk but I had a rash.I decided to go online and see what it was called and how I could make it stop. Well guess what it is chafing another name which I love is CHUB RUB. Really I mean come on when did I get so fat that now I get CHUB RUB !!! I kept reading and it says this is caused by your inner thighs rubbing, REALLY... Losing weight and wearing proper clothing will HELP. Well if that doesn't make me get off my FAT ASS and do something I don't know what will.


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