Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Fun

 This weekend I decided it was time to cut our pumpkins since Halloween is in a few days and they wouldn't go bad by then. Well wouldn't you know the first one I cut into was so rotten inside it was bubbling.

Pumpkins & supplies 
Yes it is bubbling & yes it STINKS 

Getting all the guts out 
Trusty Music for over 10 years 

  Once upon a time I would buy the pumpkin kits with the cute pumpkin shaped scooper, little knives & whatnot's but realized that really wasn't needed. So out came my trusty old ice cream scooper, newspaper, sharp knife & marking pen. When the kids were younger I would get each one a pumpkin but always ended up doing it myself so this year I got just two. My youngest started helping out but once it got to the guts she was done.We always put on Halloween music & get to cutting. One hour later the finished product . 

Lit up & ready


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