The History of Me in Music

Music has been a big part of my life from the time I was a baby. When I was little I would watch my mom getting ready to go out and dancing in the house to music.

FYSIKO Eyelash Growth Serum

The instructions say you won't see results until at least 4- 6 weeks. But I am so excited that at 3 weeks I had to SCREAM that it is WORKING already.

Chateau Rebecca

We found the perfect home - it has 3 acres of HEAVEN with birds were singing, butterflies everywhere and bunnies, real live bunnies, hopping around. Now follow along as we remodel it to make it truly ours.

Kenya Moore Booty Bootcamp Review

If you know me you know I love The Real Housewives Series and one of my favorites is Atlanta. I think Kenya Moore former Ms. USA is a great addition this season. That being said when I was asked by the wonderful @bookieboo from Mamavation if I wanted to review her DVD Kenya Moore: Booty Boot Camp , I was like "YEAH" I want a stallion booty.

Gunnar Challenge Premiere Workout

Gunnar Peterson is a personal trainer with over 25 years experience. He is also "The Trainer" of such stars as Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez , Kim Kardashian and multiple athletes.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Giftbags

Last night my daughters wanted to make gift bags for their classes to pass out tomorrow.Their school isn't having any Halloween parties so I had to add some fun to it.  They love making them and who am I to stop them. The teachers said nothing scary so I found cute/friendly Halloween gift bags. We picked up rice krispy treats, pretzels, pencils, erasers, spider rings & candy of course. This year my daughters wanted to put the entire bag together without my help so I was just the Coach.

doing the name tags
lots & lots of candy

finally done

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patch at The Little Farm

I heard about The Pumpkin Patch at The Little Farm and was beyond excited to give it a try. So off we went 4 of my kids, 2 sisters, brother, brother in law , Mom & nephew. The weather was beautiful nice & cool since Hurricane Sandy brought some wind when she came by the day before. The Little Farm  has a cute petting zoo, pony rides, barn , butterfly garden and the cutest miniature ponies ever.

Little Farm Miami
Entrance to The Little Farm

Some of the Pumpkins
So far so good

My Mom made some friends
My brother scarring the little kids

Someone is ready to leave 

Halloween Fun

 This weekend I decided it was time to cut our pumpkins since Halloween is in a few days and they wouldn't go bad by then. Well wouldn't you know the first one I cut into was so rotten inside it was bubbling.

Pumpkins & supplies 
Yes it is bubbling & yes it STINKS 

Getting all the guts out 
Trusty Music for over 10 years 

  Once upon a time I would buy the pumpkin kits with the cute pumpkin shaped scooper, little knives & whatnot's but realized that really wasn't needed. So out came my trusty old ice cream scooper, newspaper, sharp knife & marking pen. When the kids were younger I would get each one a pumpkin but always ended up doing it myself so this year I got just two. My youngest started helping out but once it got to the guts she was done.We always put on Halloween music & get to cutting. One hour later the finished product . 

Lit up & ready

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Truth SUCKS sometimes

We live less than 1 mile from the beach so on Sunday we ( Mom, Sisters, Brother, Brother in law, Nephew, 4 of my kids ) walked there. I had on my "Fat Girl" beach outfit tank top & shorts. Once we got there the kids ran in the water and I decided to drag my brother in the water. Well lets just say I got overpowered and ended up in the water. I got the worst burning sensation ever on my inner thighs. I am TUFF so I didn't let it bother me. We all walked back home and of course we were all still wet. Later on that night my legs still hurt. In the morning the pain was worse. It wasn't from a good walk but I had a rash.I decided to go online and see what it was called and how I could make it stop. Well guess what it is chafing another name which I love is CHUB RUB. Really I mean come on when did I get so fat that now I get CHUB RUB !!! I kept reading and it says this is caused by your inner thighs rubbing, REALLY... Losing weight and wearing proper clothing will HELP. Well if that doesn't make me get off my FAT ASS and do something I don't know what will.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Graco Snugride® Click Connect™ 40 #GracoSafety

Today I went to Babies R Us to learn about car seat safety, and why it's important to keep children rear facing until the age of 2, and about the all new Graco SnugRide Click Connect 40 - the only newborn to two year infant car seat. It was hosted by Katherine from at Babies R Us in Miami. There were pregnant Mommies, veteran Mommies, Dads, Grammas, Grandpas and kids of all ages there . They demonstrated how the  Graco Snugride® Click Connect™ 40 car seat works. It is very light and easy to manage. It has a lot of great features and comes in 2 different styles. You can buy the matching Click Connect Stroller also. We played games like Name the Celebrity kid, had refreshments, cookies and everyone left with a gift bag. One lucky person won a Graco Snugride® Click Connect™ 40. To learn more about the Graco Snugride® Click Connect™ 40 go to .
Safe Convertible Car Seat


  • The only newborn to 2 year infant car seat from 4 to 40 lbs
  • 8-position adjustable base grows with your child, providing the most leg room and a comfortable ride for up to 2 years
  • Simply Safe Adjust Harness System is safe and simple with a one-hand harness and headrest adjustment
  • Click Connect technology provides a one-step secure attachment to all Graco Click Connect strollers to create a travel system
Car Seat Statistics
Car Seat Statistics

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Influenster New Makeover

Influenster just updated & gave a makeover to there website . Lets be real who doesn't love a good makeover .It is easier to navigate, very user friendly, has new badges you can earn and now you have to request an invite or be given one by a member to join so it's more exclusive. I find the new website fun to explore & love reading about all the products & watching the videos of all the reviews . One of the perks of being a member of Influenster is something called a VoxBox which basically is a box that is sent out with different products for you to try . Just because you are member doesn't guarantee a box but the higher your Influenster score the higher the chance is you will. Trust me you won't regret checking out .


What Is Influenster

Influenster is a free-to-join community of invited trendsetters who live to give opinions of products and experiences. Influenster creates links between brands and members to reward participation and influence future products.

What’s involved in a membership?

As a member, you prove your influence by gaining Expert Badges and show how you live by earning LifeStage Badges...both of which are won in a variety of ways, such as: completing surveys, writing reviews, creating videos, and engaging in other social media.

What’s in it for me?

Very important. As a contributing member of Influenster, you get the chance to share your knowledge and know-how with other like-minded people.
You also get exclusive discounts on products and services based on the Expert Badges you unlock. You’ll have access to content and sales based on your influence and area of expertise.
As an active influencer, you’ll have the chance to get invites to Influenster programs so you can try the latest and coolest products catered towards your lifestyle before anyone else.
Members who participate actively on Influenster and engage in programs increase their opportunities to receive rewards.
If you participate in online challenges, play interactive games, spread the word to your friends, an

Sunday, October 14, 2012

SHAMING my Laundry Room

Yes, this is my poor laundry room and it needs " LIFE SUPPORT " ASAP !!!!  It's not that it is small it's about 9 x 6. It has the necessities washer,dryer,sink , cabinets & a place to hang clothes but it is outdated . It  needs a new Washer & Dryer, some color on the walls , maybe a space to fold clothes. I am shaming my laundry room and in the process shaming myself. I wash at least 2 loads a day and 6 on Saturday & Sunday. This washer & dryer has washed clothes for my 5 kids & more towels, sheets and comforters than possible. I am not sure what brand of washer & dryer I should get & what color to paint the walls. This is my October project hopefully it will be done by the 31st & if not I can just use it as a Haunted House on Halloween.