Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today is the LAST day of school

OK ,enough already with the " I am so glad school is out now I can spend more time with my kids" crap.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE all 5 of my kids. My  8 yr old daughter just finished 2nd grade, my 11 yr old daughter I home school but she is in 5th grade, my 12 yr old son  just finished 7th grade, my 19 yr old daughter just graduated 12th grade & my 20 year old daughter is getting a double major in Being Lazy & Not Working. So the summer for me means me being Camp Director and planning different activities so no one is bored. I get to make breakfast,lunch & dinner everyday. Instead of cereal or waffles Mon -Fri, lunch at school & dinner 7 days a week. My 19 yr old is starting college in the summer so she has her own life. The 3 youngest will be doing gymnastics, tennis, football & dance. Of course we will be taking trips to Orlando (Disney, Universal, Lego Land, Sea World) a couple times this summer.Thank GOD the beach is a few blocks away so we can walk almost everyday.We have a pool,basketball hoop & trampoline out back so they have that & parks & museums near by. The schools send a packet of work to do over the summer & a reading list of books for the coming year.I still don't understand that Summer should be school work free.  My youngest aren't normal kids they wake up by 7 & come to see if  Mommy is awake, quietly. Which of course wakes Mommy up early. I know I am not the only Mom who is going through this. I think there should be summer camp for Moms. Why don't I send my kids to summer camp, you might be asking. Well to be HONEST I would NOT have it any other way. I LOVE SPENDING TIME WITH THEM !!!


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