Saturday, June 16, 2012

Operation Justin Bieber

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I am on a Mission to get Justin Bieber tickets for my 2 daughters 11 & 8. I went as far as to join the Justin Bieber Fan Club so I get order before the the tickets went on sale. That wasn't any help for the 1st or 2nd show which was just announced last week. They only give the Fan Club a certain amount and they were nose bleed seats. So the official day the first show went on sale at 10 am I went online and the only tickets I found were on the side behind the stage for $90.00 .I was even willing to get VIP tickets but those suckers were $400.00 for a meet & greet and seats in the first few rows. Since everything is now computerized the tickets go the first couple minutes. I remember sleeping in front of Specs Music to get tickets to see (NKOTB) New Kids On The Block twice. Did it work , yes got first row and I felt so cool being 12 & all these big girls ( 17-19) were behind me in line. I got there about 7 pm and was first in line the night before and the store opened at 9 am. So here I come. I am getting these tickets if it's the last thing I do !!!


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