Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mission: Backyard

All a girl wants is her backyard done before summer is finished. My mission was to takeout some Palm trees. Have most of the backyard done in stamped concrete & 1/4 with rocks where the trampoline is. Our backyard is on the Intracoastal so we have to make sure everything is salt water proof. Well getting the Palm trees taken out was easy enough. The hard part has been getting the concrete poured. It has been raining almost none stop the past couple of weeks. I decided to have a heart to heart with Mother Nature and beg to just give me a few days of clear skies. That happened on Thursday the guys came and went to work digging up my backyard.After making a big mess they left with these nice words " We'll see you Monday there's a 60% of chance tomorrow and we don't work weekends". Nice, great we have 3 large dogs who would love to run & dig in the MUD . PS , school is out for the summer. Of course none of this is going to stop the kids from enjoying the beautiful clear sunny skies this weekend. Oh and if that's not good enough the news calls for GRAY skies Monday.

Ready For a Miracle
Bye Bye Palm

Cutting Concrete
Here comes the mess

Here comes the rain

Let the pouring begin ?

Still having FUN



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