The History of Me in Music

Music has been a big part of my life from the time I was a baby. When I was little I would watch my mom getting ready to go out and dancing in the house to music.

FYSIKO Eyelash Growth Serum

The instructions say you won't see results until at least 4- 6 weeks. But I am so excited that at 3 weeks I had to SCREAM that it is WORKING already.

Chateau Rebecca

We found the perfect home - it has 3 acres of HEAVEN with birds were singing, butterflies everywhere and bunnies, real live bunnies, hopping around. Now follow along as we remodel it to make it truly ours.

Kenya Moore Booty Bootcamp Review

If you know me you know I love The Real Housewives Series and one of my favorites is Atlanta. I think Kenya Moore former Ms. USA is a great addition this season. That being said when I was asked by the wonderful @bookieboo from Mamavation if I wanted to review her DVD Kenya Moore: Booty Boot Camp , I was like "YEAH" I want a stallion booty.

Gunnar Challenge Premiere Workout

Gunnar Peterson is a personal trainer with over 25 years experience. He is also "The Trainer" of such stars as Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez , Kim Kardashian and multiple athletes.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Butterflies in the MUD

Mother Nature is still not cooperating with me so my backyard is still a muddy mess. What should have taken 2 days to do is still not finished 3 weeks later. The workers dug up my backyard but still can't pour the concrete until we have 1 entire day of no rain. I always tell my kids to look at the bright side of things so yesterday when I went to look at my mud yard, I saw these 2 big beautiful butterflies enjoying themselves in my Dirt. At least they liked it.

House Party + Redbook


I have loved every minute of being a part of the family. I recently got chosen to Host a Redbook Party. When I tell you they provide everything to make you look like a Perfect Host, I am not lying. The only thing I have to provide is the guest, food & drinks. House Party even gives you ideas, recipes for food & drinks and party ideas. Other party host give ideas on hosting and party ideas also.

About House Party
House Party makes it easy to have a party in your own home and get exclusive access to awesome products for you and your friends. We provide the fun, you provide food, your friends and feedback and promise to have an amazing time.
Our parties are sponsored by the brands you love. By hosting, you and your guests get to try their products and receive an incredible Party Pack chock full of goodies! You don’t pay anything or sell anything. It’s a no-pressure party. Just tell us what you and your guests think.

Monday, June 18, 2012

25th Anniversary of Dirty Dancing

I can not believe it has been 25 years since Dirty Dancing came out. I was 13 when Dirty Dancing came out and can vividly remember watching it over and over with my cousins and memorizing each and every dance. We would do the dances over and over again and knew every word.  I loved Johnny Castle  (Patrick Swayze) and Baby (Jennifer Grey). I so wanted to go to the Catskills for the summer and take dance lessons. The movie was PURE and wasn't cheesy. Who didn't get emotional when Johnny says "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" to Babys' dad Dr. Houseman ( Jerry Orbach). I was so glad to get an invite to see Dirty Dancing on the BIG screen again, enjoy Skinny Cow products who is also putting this production together and take home a Swag bag. I will post pictures...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Operation Justin Bieber

More Info AboutJustin Bieber

I am on a Mission to get Justin Bieber tickets for my 2 daughters 11 & 8. I went as far as to join the Justin Bieber Fan Club so I get order before the the tickets went on sale. That wasn't any help for the 1st or 2nd show which was just announced last week. They only give the Fan Club a certain amount and they were nose bleed seats. So the official day the first show went on sale at 10 am I went online and the only tickets I found were on the side behind the stage for $90.00 .I was even willing to get VIP tickets but those suckers were $400.00 for a meet & greet and seats in the first few rows. Since everything is now computerized the tickets go the first couple minutes. I remember sleeping in front of Specs Music to get tickets to see (NKOTB) New Kids On The Block twice. Did it work , yes got first row and I felt so cool being 12 & all these big girls ( 17-19) were behind me in line. I got there about 7 pm and was first in line the night before and the store opened at 9 am. So here I come. I am getting these tickets if it's the last thing I do !!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Giving Children A Chance At Survival

I think we sometimes take for granted the little things in life. Such as are kids being vaccinated, eating healthy food ,getting an  education,  sleeping and growing up healthy. First read this chart then go to  to see how you can make a difference and maybe make a donation.

 This week, the governments of the United States, India, and Ethiopia, in collaboration with UNICEF, are hosting the Child Survival Call to Action in Washington D.C., bringing together 700 leaders and global experts to launch a plan to save an estimated 45 million children's lives between 2010 and 2035. This is an important moment for each of us to rally in support of the world's children.

With your support, the United Nations Foundation and its campaigns and initiatives are supporting the UN and working with partners every day to help reach this goal and make sure every child has a chance at survival — meet Nala and learn how.

Meet Nala

Happy Birthday to My Little Man


Birth  Day
1 yrs old
Today At 13

Today my FAVORITE and only son turned 13. He is in the middle  between 2 older sisters 20,19 & younger sisters 11 & 8. When I was little I never had dreams about having little girls since I was always a tomboy. Don't get me wrong I LOVE  my girls but I always wanted boys and lots of boys the dirtier & stinkier the better. On June 14, 1999 he came into the worlds as a 8 lb 3 oz little man.  He will be entering 8th grade in the Fall. I don't know how or when he got so big. Every night I pray that he never gets his heart broke, grows up to be a strong God fearing man who respects women and an all around GREAT MAN. No matter how old he gets I tell him he will always be Mommies little Baby Boy... So today I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I could not be a Happier and Prouder Mom.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mission: Backyard

All a girl wants is her backyard done before summer is finished. My mission was to takeout some Palm trees. Have most of the backyard done in stamped concrete & 1/4 with rocks where the trampoline is. Our backyard is on the Intracoastal so we have to make sure everything is salt water proof. Well getting the Palm trees taken out was easy enough. The hard part has been getting the concrete poured. It has been raining almost none stop the past couple of weeks. I decided to have a heart to heart with Mother Nature and beg to just give me a few days of clear skies. That happened on Thursday the guys came and went to work digging up my backyard.After making a big mess they left with these nice words " We'll see you Monday there's a 60% of chance tomorrow and we don't work weekends". Nice, great we have 3 large dogs who would love to run & dig in the MUD . PS , school is out for the summer. Of course none of this is going to stop the kids from enjoying the beautiful clear sunny skies this weekend. Oh and if that's not good enough the news calls for GRAY skies Monday.

Ready For a Miracle
Bye Bye Palm

Cutting Concrete
Here comes the mess

Here comes the rain

Let the pouring begin ?

Still having FUN


Thursday, June 7, 2012


I love baking so today was the perfect time to make my  NO SCHOOL cake. Yes those are eyes and yes those are tears.The kids loved it when they got home the more chocolate the better.What a way to start off a healthy summer. I guess we will start tomorrow ...

Today is the LAST day of school

OK ,enough already with the " I am so glad school is out now I can spend more time with my kids" crap.  Don't get me wrong I LOVE all 5 of my kids. My  8 yr old daughter just finished 2nd grade, my 11 yr old daughter I home school but she is in 5th grade, my 12 yr old son  just finished 7th grade, my 19 yr old daughter just graduated 12th grade & my 20 year old daughter is getting a double major in Being Lazy & Not Working. So the summer for me means me being Camp Director and planning different activities so no one is bored. I get to make breakfast,lunch & dinner everyday. Instead of cereal or waffles Mon -Fri, lunch at school & dinner 7 days a week. My 19 yr old is starting college in the summer so she has her own life. The 3 youngest will be doing gymnastics, tennis, football & dance. Of course we will be taking trips to Orlando (Disney, Universal, Lego Land, Sea World) a couple times this summer.Thank GOD the beach is a few blocks away so we can walk almost everyday.We have a pool,basketball hoop & trampoline out back so they have that & parks & museums near by. The schools send a packet of work to do over the summer & a reading list of books for the coming year.I still don't understand that Summer should be school work free.  My youngest aren't normal kids they wake up by 7 & come to see if  Mommy is awake, quietly. Which of course wakes Mommy up early. I know I am not the only Mom who is going through this. I think there should be summer camp for Moms. Why don't I send my kids to summer camp, you might be asking. Well to be HONEST I would NOT have it any other way. I LOVE SPENDING TIME WITH THEM !!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Third Week Gunnar Challenge


Today I had my 2nd weigh in for the 8 week Gunnar Challenge that I won through  I am down another 5 lbs.. Not bad but I am noticing a trend with me, I am not eating as much as I should. I never really eat until 2 or 3 normally. So making myself eat is not my NORMAL. I got a giant box of Quaker Oatmeal at Costco and since I hate to waste have been forcing my self to eat it for breakfast every morning with either strawberries, raisins, blueberries or just some cinnamon. I never bore of oatmeal !!! I also have been using my own workout videos and not using the ones provided to me by So this weeks goals are to do the workout videos from and if I want to do another one also I will. I am also going to make myself eat more. Lets see what the results will be . Looking forward to next weeks weigh in already.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What A Way To End The Day

Is this not the prettiest night sky you have seen ? This was the view from my backyard tonight .

Friday, June 1, 2012

Guess Mother Nature Didn't Get My Message

Spring Makeover House Edition

I need a complete LIFE makeover but since that's not happening anytime soon I decided to do a makeover for the house. First, I had to pick a color which turned into a nightmare. Take my advice only look at 3 different colors. I needed to not only choose the color for the body of the house but also the planters & columns. With new paint comes new plants. That is the easy part if you know your plants & flowers. I DO NOT. So I had to look at 1 million different shrubs, plants, flowers and rocks. Who knew there were so many different bromeliads ? I also am remodeling the pool deck/patio. Well not me the contractor, but anyway... Wouldn't you know Mother Nature decided that we needed rain and not a little but rain everyday for the past 2 weeks. So much that we are under a flood advisory go figure. So hopefully my backyard can be done next week. We took down a few Palm Trees nothing major for the back just laying some more Stamped Concrete to complete the backyard & some river rocks. Here are a few before and after pictures. Whenever Mother Nature decides to work with me I will post pictures of the finished backyard.

Removing plants & soil to resealing

Priming the house

Removing old landscaping

New Landscaping in Planters
Putting in new soil & sprinklers

Backyard after removing palms
Backyard before removing Palms