Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Sunscreen Song

This song is one of my favorites this time of year heck anytime really. It sounds like a commencement speech you would hear at a graduation but it isn't. It was actually written by Mary Schmich a staff  writer for the Chicago Tribune in 1997 and was titled "Advice, Like Youth Probably Just Wasted On The Young". A while after it was written it was spread via email as a commencement speech given by Kurt Vonnegut to the graduates of MIT in 1997. The email caught the attention of  the Australian film director Baz Luhrman who bought the rights to the speech from Ms. Schmich to turn it into a song. He took the beats from Quindon Tarver's song "Everybody's Free (to feel good) , remixed it & hired an actor ( Lee Perry) to read the speech. The end result became what is now famously known as The Sunscreen Song.


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