The History of Me in Music

Music has been a big part of my life from the time I was a baby. When I was little I would watch my mom getting ready to go out and dancing in the house to music.

FYSIKO Eyelash Growth Serum

The instructions say you won't see results until at least 4- 6 weeks. But I am so excited that at 3 weeks I had to SCREAM that it is WORKING already.

Chateau Rebecca

We found the perfect home - it has 3 acres of HEAVEN with birds were singing, butterflies everywhere and bunnies, real live bunnies, hopping around. Now follow along as we remodel it to make it truly ours.

Kenya Moore Booty Bootcamp Review

If you know me you know I love The Real Housewives Series and one of my favorites is Atlanta. I think Kenya Moore former Ms. USA is a great addition this season. That being said when I was asked by the wonderful @bookieboo from Mamavation if I wanted to review her DVD Kenya Moore: Booty Boot Camp , I was like "YEAH" I want a stallion booty.

Gunnar Challenge Premiere Workout

Gunnar Peterson is a personal trainer with over 25 years experience. He is also "The Trainer" of such stars as Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez , Kim Kardashian and multiple athletes.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gunnar Challenge Update

So a few weeks ago I tried the Premiere Gunnar Challenge free workout and was hooked , I also was sore and felt the burn. I won a twitter party that  had and got the 8 week challenge for free. The Gunnar Challenge is normally $99.00 and you get  8 weeks of workouts, meal plans, they even have delicious recipes, a forum to ask questions and talk to other participants and a calorie counter. The program started on May 21 and so far so good. I have logged all the food I have eaten & been doing the workouts plus adding my own workouts. When you log on to  you do the workout for the day at your own pace, then you add what food you have eaten and what exercises you have done and they tell you how many calories you have eaten and how many you have burned so you don't have to do the counting. I have had a few questions and always get a reply quickly. I am looking forward to the second week of workouts and weighing in on Monday. I will update you on how much I have lost and how I feel. I have set my goal to lose at least 40 lbs.
          If you put in the work, I promise you’ll get the results.” – Gunnar Peterson

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guard Dog ???

 This is my dog Storm after she saw this nice size lizard on our deck. She did what any Dog would do JUMP on our trampoline . So much for protection.

The Sunscreen Song

This song is one of my favorites this time of year heck anytime really. It sounds like a commencement speech you would hear at a graduation but it isn't. It was actually written by Mary Schmich a staff  writer for the Chicago Tribune in 1997 and was titled "Advice, Like Youth Probably Just Wasted On The Young". A while after it was written it was spread via email as a commencement speech given by Kurt Vonnegut to the graduates of MIT in 1997. The email caught the attention of  the Australian film director Baz Luhrman who bought the rights to the speech from Ms. Schmich to turn it into a song. He took the beats from Quindon Tarver's song "Everybody's Free (to feel good) , remixed it & hired an actor ( Lee Perry) to read the speech. The end result became what is now famously known as The Sunscreen Song.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Graduation from High School in Hospital

Proud Graduate

Grad with proud brother & sisters
First, I have to explain a little bit about my daughter she always had a flair for the dramatics. She was overdue 2 weeks and had to be induced. She was standing up by 3 months in her crib & walking holding on to things by 5 months. At 7 months she was walking unassisted & swinging off of furniture. My 19 year old daughter was supposed to have her graduation on Friday the 18th but was admitted into the hospital on Wednesday night. She had a kidney infection and stayed until Monday night . So we brought the ceremony to her room. She wore her cap & gown in the hospital. The staff of her school brought her diploma and had a little ceremony in her room. I couldn't be more proud of her.She will be attending FIU in the summer. I can't wait to see what the future holds for her.
Proud Mom
Not feeling to well

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Little Dose of Oprah

"Are you waiting for someone to give you permission to live more fully and healthfully?"
O Magazine

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Favorite Mothers Day Gifts

My 8 yr old
My Mommy gave this one

  Mothers Day is everyday, every chance you get to say I LOVE YOU or spend time with your Mom. My favorite gifts are the ones my kids would make when they were little. The little tea bag in the construction card teapot or the the handprint. Now my babies are 20, 19, 12, 11 & 8. My 8 yr old daughter made me this cute card. One of my daughters gave me the other one & my Mom sent one. I spent the day out back by the pool w/ the kids. What more could I ask for.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Recalls Plus App

After having 5 kids I have had my share of buying a toy or item for my kids then finding out after they played with it for months that it was recalled. Of course all parents know that playing means putting it in their mouths and sucking on it. This new app lets you input an item when you buy it and if or when it is recalled they alert you . You can also use it to track food allergies or select an age group and you can choose from a list of items. If you don't have an IPhone its ok because it's also available as a Facebook app & on Google play for androids.  I am so glad that I was lucky enough to try it by being a member of SheSpeaks if you would like to download it here is the link .

Recalls Plus Blogger Badge
 Recalls Plus is a newly launched app that helps busy parents to proactively monitor recalls on their kids’ strollers, cribs, toys, formula, and other items for greater safety and peace of mind. The app is created by SAP, a market leader in software applications whose vision is to help the world run better.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gunnar Challenge Premiere Workout

Yesterday was the Gunnar Challenge Premiere Workout. If you don't know what it was it was a 1 hr live workout with Gunnar Peterson. He is a personal trainer with over 25 years experience . He is also "The Trainer" of such stars as Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez , Kim Kardashian & multiple athletes. I thought whats 1 hr I can do this. Well let me tell you after doing it my entire body was on fire. This morning I could hardly walk down the stairs much less walk back up them. During the workout he explained everything and had a client Amy do the exercises so we could see how to do it right. No special equipment was needed you are using your own body weight. I am so excited that the official challenge starts in a couple of weeks May 21 to be exact. For $99.00 you get the chance to look great in 8 weeks.

As a member of the Challenge you get:
  • Gunnar's 8-week workout plan with customizable exercises that will work for you regardless of your current fitness level.
  • Delicious low-calorie meal plans with itemized shopping lists for home-cooked meals and healthy options for dining out.
  • Daily video messages from Gunnar to keep you motivated and on track.
  • Some of the world's best nutrition tools to help you make long-lasting changes to your diet.
  • Fun, support, prizes, the buzz of training with an online group and much more.
You can get more information on this great program from

Monday, May 7, 2012

What I Thought of The Avengers

On Saturday opening weekend I took the kids to see The Avengers in IMAX 3D. We went to the 10:00 a.m. showing so the tickets were $12.00 each. We got to the AMC theater at 9:15 a.m. so I thought it would be empty ,well there were about 50 people already in line. We got lucky because  they were opening a second line so we squeezed on over. I had my older kids 20 & 19 go straight to the theater to get good seats in the middle of course. I had to buy food from the concession stand you can't watch a movie and not have popcorn. Well of course that's not enough so I had to buy chicken tenders, hot dogs, nachos, soda and of course candy ( a nice healthy breakfast ). The food came out more expensive than the movie. Anyway back to the movie after watching all the previews we were all pumped for The Avengers to start. I have to say from beginning to end it did not disappoint. Iron Man was sarcastic and witty. Thor was mythical and beautiful. The Hulk was more realistic in this movie like he was actually a person with super powers than in The Incredible Hulk movie.Captain America was very much the gentleman but still could kick a**. I was worried that they were going to make The Black Widow just a sidekick, pretty arm candy but she was just as tough if not tougher then the guys.Hawkeye was good when he was a good guy and even better when he was a bad one.Last but not least was Nick Fury who brings the whole movie together. The action was great and the special effects did not make it look "fake".The movie went by fast but in a good way. I love how Stan Lee always makes a cameo in all the movies. I for one can't wait for the next Marvel Comics movie. Hopefully they will be making an Avengers 2 and not wait so long this time.