Friday, April 13, 2012


 I was chosen by's Mom Tested program a couple of weeks ago to test  Nutella® The original hazelnut spread and give my honest opinion on it. When I received my package it came with a jar of  Nutella® , a spreading knife, a few recipes on how to use it & nutritional info. Lets just say it did not last long in my house. My 3 youngest kids loved it in the mornings on toast or an english muffin. My daughter also put fresh strawberries on it and made a little sandwich. I made a smoothie w/ it  I used a few of TBSP of Nutella, fresh strawberries ,blueberries, almond milk & some ice & blended it. The smoothie came out great for a afternoon pick me up. Since trying it I have brought a couple more jars.
SOME FACTS about Nutella
* each jar contains 48 hazelnuts
*it is LOW in sodium compared to other nut butters
* It contains NO  artificial colors or preservatives
*It DOES NOT contain peanuts or peanut ingredients, nor does it come in contact w/ any peanuts during manufacturing
*It is gluten free
*Nutella is also Kosher
You can learn more about Nutella by visiting their website

Nutella® was provided to me by Ferrero, U.S.A. (the makers of Nutella® hazelnut spread)


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