Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So a few weeks ago I entered a giveaway from ShibleySmiles.com for a personalized book for kids. When I found out I won I was so happy and was contacted first by ShibleySmiles.com to let me know I won and to tell me the people behind  iseeme.com  would be contacting me.They emailed me a couple of days later and sentmeaform to fill out . They had 16 books to choose from and I decided on the God Loves You book and made it out to my nephew.  I got the book a 2 weeks after sending the info like child's name, sex, who the book is from, a dedication, any date the book was to be given. Well lets just say when I got the book it was 100 times better than I expected. I have bought personalized books in the past for my kids and this book from ISEEME.com had great illustrations, the colors were bright and it looks just like it was made  for him. I love this book and will be buying more in the future. Thank You ShibleySmiles.com and iseeme.com .


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