Thursday, March 22, 2012

" The Talk "

As a Mother of a 12 year old black child I have had to have "The Talk" with my son on more than one occasion . Not about the Birds and the Bees but about being a young Black man and the responsibility & stigma that carries. I have told him numerous times don't walk around with your hands in your pockets. Don't put your hoodie on when it isn't cold or when its dark out. Don't be loud and play in the streets. Don't get mad or let it bother you when you walk in a store and you get followed. Don't get mad when you get questioned " What are you doing here where do you live" even if it is in your own gated community. I have told him since he was much younger, people are going to judge you on what they think "Black" means. He has been told in school by a classmate when he was the class monitor "I don't have to  listen to you your black". I have had people (strangers) come up to me when he was a baby and rub his head (hair) and say "Oh his hair is soft and not oily". I have had others come up and touch his skin and say " Wow he is soft" and when I asked what does that mean they will say "I just thought his skin would be rough".Here's another one he gets a lot " What kind of food do you eat at home". He comes home mad and I have to explain that it is just ignorance that causes  people to do those kind of things. Why should I have to tell him these things before he leaves the house ? Instead of just saying be careful and have fun. Because I want my son to come home alive.


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