Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Documentary Bully

This documentary Bully had to be made and the sad thing is a lot of the people who should see it won't because the Motion Pictures Association of America has rated it R — Restricted meaning children Under 17 Require Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian . They gave it this rating because of the profanity in the movie which I feel needs to be in it for everyone (children) included to get the whole picture. Bullying is not pretty and for us to say we don't want are kids to hear this language is absurd since it is coming out of their mouths. As a mother of 5 kids ages 20, 18,12,11 and 8 I will do my darnest to take them. Bullying is not a right of passage for kids. This movie shows who the victims and aggressors are and the sad thing is they look just like our kids. Bully comes out in select theatres in New York and Los Angeles on March 30. When it comes to my area in Miami I will be first in line.  It is being released by The Weinstein Company and was written, directed & produced by Lee Hirsch.  


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