Friday, February 24, 2012

Why am I so upset about Chris Brown & Rihanna

I don't know if I am getting old or what but this is really bothering me . I keep hearing everyone give their 2 cents on what should happen to them and who is at fault. In the beginning I thought it was a private matter and it should be handled like that. Domestic Violence isn't a joke or a punchline to someones joke. Rihanna was a victim and her privacy should have been respected as one. The first thing out of most peoples mouths was "What did SHE do to make him do that". And well Chris Brown was a perpetrator and in these wonderful United States of ours was considered innocent until proven guilty. Rihanna is like a lot of young ladies strong and proud and does not want to look like a victim so she acted out by acting like she was FINE. Running around with different men, partying all the time , making music, always smiling  and being extremely sexual. She WAS NOT a VICTIM. Or at least that is what she wanted us to see. Chris Brown on the other hand tried to tone down a bit. He wanted to look like he was the victim of the BIG BAD SYSTEM. He was pushed to a point of no return and reacted just like anyone else would, right. No WRONG !!!!! He has thrown numerous tantrums and has admitted to having anger management issues. I understand he witnessed domestic violence as a child but that is no excuse for his behavior. He threw a temper tantrum at GMA and could have hurt innocent people. He went through his Anger Management and got great praise from the judge that he was doing a great job. But enough is enough... Chris Brown and Rihanna are 2 adults now that are in the public eye and no matter if they did not sign up to be role models to our kids. They must realize that a lot of kids and young adults for that matter are watching what they do. No matter what a woman or a man does to you it is your choice how you react to it. Rihanna is a beautiful, smart, talented young lady and should be treated like that but it won't happen until she wants it to happen. Chris Brown is a good looking, strong , smart young man and also should be treated like that but again it won't happen until he wants it to. I hear on the radio and tv people saying that they are so in love and meant for each other. That Chris Brown made a mistake and was punished and we should forgive him. Let those two be together they are perfect for each other. Chris Brown and Rihanna just put 2 new singles out of remixes of their songs.I seriously doubt that they put it out themselves of course other people did this for PROFIT...This morning I heard one of my favorite DJs say that "can you imagine the sex they must have because their music is so passionate". Come on now this makes me sick to my stomach. Imagine those kids who also heard that and think well I guess it must be ok then.  I would hate for this relationship to end with a bad ending. Being an adult means saying I screwed up, I LOVE you but I know I am not right for you. Love doesn't gives us the right to hurt each other with words or actions. Love is wanting the best for the other person and for yourself. Don't get me wrong I am not saying that people can't change but it is pretty hard to do when everyone around you is applauding you. I listen to both Rihanna and Chris Brown and think they make wonderful music and are beyond talented. I just don't want them to be another statistic. Because lets face it that would be a better story to the Media than living happily ever after. As we see on the news celebrities are worth more DEAD, in jail or in rehab. Remember Charlie Sheen "Winning" don't see much of him now do we. Britney Spears running around barefoot and shaving her head. Those are the stories that make money and headlines. We need to applaud the people when they are doing the right thing make that Headlines and maybe this nonsense will stop.


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